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Save time and have affordable dry cleaning delivered right to your high rise apartment!

*Ask your concierge for a sign up sheet and your very own UR Cleaners bag!

How It Works

1) Ask your concierge for our sign up sheet and your very own UR Cleaners bag.

2) Place your garments in our provided valet bag with the form filled out. You can also sign up online by clicking the "Sign up" button. If you do sign up online, please make sure to leave a note with your name and phone number so we know who the bag belongs to.

If you have any questions regarding delivery, feel free to message us at

713-732-4786 with your name and address.

3) Garments are then processed and cleaned.

4) We delivery clean clothes back to you with a text notification.

Our delivery schedule:

Mondays in by 9 AM - Ready Thursday by 12 PM.

Thursday in by 9 AM - Ready Monday by 12 PM.

* All clothes will be delivered with a text notification.

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